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Control Testing
Control Testing

Azilon understands the complexity of the control environment and has designed control assurance management service portfolio to get the maximum benefit of Azilon’s GRC solutions.

Azilon’s control assurance team helps organization to develop additional controls for financial and operation. In addition, Azilon provides continuous control testing services to help organization achieve their SOX-404 and other internal audit requirement. The control management service portfolio includes:

Control Development Services

Azilon’s team help organization to build or configure additional controls specific for organization’s business need and technical environment. Azilon service integrates with various technical environments and develops additional controls.

Control Testing

While the Azilon’s control testing engine tries to automate the testing of most of the controls, there are many controls need to be tested manually. Azilon provides full range of control testing services, which includes manual testing, control test result analysis and monitoring of corrective action plan.

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