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SS/BPO Financial Automation
Azilon Process Optimizer
for Shared Services/BPO

Financial Process Governance for Shared Services and BPO Organization

Shared Services and BPO organizations managing F&A operations, are faced with business challenges that are not completely addressed by the ERP financial systems. Some of these are:

  • Increasingly complex global financial operations in FAO
  • Large parts of the business processes are still manual and labor intensive
  • Several business processes, internal controls and policy enforcement are not automated
  • Compliance is tested manually and audits are intensive and costly
  • Increased cost and availability of trained manpower
  • Best practices are still to a large extent not technology enabled
  • Absence of end-to-end process optimization solution specifically designed for SS/BPO business processes

Azilon Process Optimizer, is a software designed for shared service focused process automation solution. It addresses the overall transaction efficiency by IT-enabling manual processes, establish auto controls, validations and verifications embedded within each process step. The core modules of the product include:

Automation Workbench Control Management SLA Management Process Analytics

Azilon Process Optimizer automates the processes and controls around leading ERP solutions from SAP, Oracle, Infor and other business application. The automation includes data validation against ERP data, business policy rule and automation of manual processes.

Azilon Process Optimizer’s workbench is a collaborative business rule driven workplace for financial operational staff to manage the transaction exceptions and take corrective actions and rectify the problems in an efficient manner.

The Control Engine helps organizations to automates manual control, monitor control violation and enables operational team to build additional controls without modifying or customizing the underlying ERP financial system

Management of SLA is a key factor for Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization. Process optimizer helps to configure various SLA parameters and provides alerts and notification for non-confirmation to SLA parameter.

Process Analytic helps operational staff and managers to manage and prioritize their work and manage the cash cycle more efficient manner. The analytic is built as part of the key processes to provide critical information about the process.

ERP Integration

Using the secured pre-built adapters for SAP, Oracle, Infor/Baan, Azilon’s Process Optimizer provides seamless transaction processing capabilities to operational staff. The configurable interface engine provides cross platform integration capabilities.

Azilon Process Optimizer Financial Cycles

Azilon Process Optimizer for Account Payable (AP) solution helps organization to meet the daily process support, automatic transaction processing and centralization requirements of the account payable functions. It provides end-to-end AP process including invoice validation, matching, invoice auto posting, vendor management, payment monitoring, reconciliation and customer support functions.

Azilon Process Optimizer for General Accounting facilitates reconciliation at various levels between general ledger balances and related sub-ledgers. The solution automates and streamlines manual journal entry and the closing process by making all of the documentation associated with a GL transaction easily available from the underlying ERP system.

Azilon Process Optimizer for Account Receivable (AR) solution automates the AR lifecycle including credit management, collection management, dispute resolution and cash application. The solution helps increase efficiency of AR process and in evaluating the days of sales outstanding (DSO).

Azilon Process Optimizer for Fixed Asset Management helps organizations manage all back up of asset related papers. The system helps integrate various documents like maintenance contract, records with records in ERP system. It validates and verifies the asset transaction data and speeds up the reconciliation process with sub-ledgers.

Why Process Optimizer

Process optimizer provides strategic, business and direct cost impact to the organization for F&A processes

Strategic Impact

  • End-to-end process optimization for sustainable value creation
  • Swift adaptation to changing business needs
  • Reduced risk and time in transitioning and transforming F&A

Business Impact

  • Process transparency to improve visibility, compliance, and control
  • Real-time SLA monitoring to improve governance
  • Reduced process downtime and improved issue resolution
  • Reduced cycle time to significantly improve processing efficiency

Direct Cost Impact

  • Increased automation to increase productivity and cost savings
  • Flexible resource deployment to maximize labor arbitrage

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