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Financial Control Management
Azilon Process Control
for Financial Control Management

Enterprises today are realizing the importance of good governance and strategy development linked with an understanding of the risks involved. At the same time the market has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of government regulations monitoring the level of corporate governance across industries. This led to organizations applying a host of measures, often overlapping, ineffective and uneconomical, to tackle this change. However, what enterprises sorely need today is a common platform, working in synergy across departments, levels and functions, which can streamline the business processes in order to ensure risk-free governance.

Azilon’s Process-Control comprises of a suite of products which offer this much needed end-to-end process governance to organizations. These enable enterprises to automate their internal audit processes, conduct real time control monitoring and also prevent control violation. Azilon’s Process-Control is comprised of a portfolio of the following three products:

  1. Process Doc
    Builds a web based centralized repository enabling better efficacy in process management.
  2. Control Monitor
    Automates the internal control testing and monitors the controls on a real-time basis, decreasing incidence of non-compliance.
  3. Control Enforcer
    Conducts real time checks on the compliance in transactions, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Our product suite thus allows enterprises to get a comprehensive view of their business and maintain a sound and efficient internal control environment. It helps organizations to build a comprehensive audit framework and a real time compliance check which helps to indicate any access or business process control violation. Integrated with the ERP system, these products also help ensure mitigation of risks.

Azilon's proactive solutions do not simply monitor the system for control violations or offer alerts for remediation, as this does not entail true prevention, which is what we offer. With our truly preventive business controls, our valued customers are ensured of prohibiting the control violations from occurring, helping them protect their corporate assets by disallowing invalid transaction or other information flows at the source, and therefore eliminating the remediation steps altogether. By delivering state-of-the-art technologies offered by our three products, we at Azilon, deliver the industry's complete solution for compliance needs.

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