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Process Optimizer
Process Optimizer

The globalization and introduction of regulatory compliance has created a major challenge for organizations to perform business transaction in an efficient and quality manner. While corporations are addressing the issues in a fragmented manner, Azilon’s Process Optimizer provides an integrated technology platform to manage the business transaction more effectively.

Azilon’s Process Optimizer streamlines the business transactions by IT-enabling manual processes, establishing auto controls, validations and verifications embedded within each step of the processes. The Process Optimizer performs validation and control checks on the incoming transactions to the ERP systems. In case of exceptions, the exception records are sent to the exception management console to process and make them compliant as per the policy and the data. On successfully completing the validation, the Process Optimizer then allows these transactions to be registered in the ERP system. It also provides a configurable rule engine allowing organizations to config¬ure and build new controls based on the policy of the organization. Azilon’s Process Optimizer enables organizations to build a common technology platform and a unified database to facilitate standardized and automated process around various business application systems.

Process Optimizer uses the following approach to provide efficient and effective transaction processing and offers comprehensive process governance.


  • Implement automation where business operations cannot rely on manual process in terms of accuracy, effort and volume
  • Implement verifications and validations to check the data correct¬ness in each of the process at appropriate steps

Auto Control

  • Implement controls as needed to maintain recommended process and to avoid deviations
  • Provide a configurable control engine to implement controls, valida¬tions and automations

Exception Management

  • Provide one-stop diagnostic tool
  • Provide appropriate Corporate Sustainability Reporting with Alerts, Exceptions, Notifications and Messages
  • Unified platform for optimizing different business processes
  • Allows real time automated data validation and automated control checks
  • Monitors business transactions in real-time to limit noncompliance
  • Offers a dynamic workflow to manage control exceptions and routing them to appropriate business users
  • Provides a configurable rule engine allowing organizations to configure and build new controls based on the organization’s policy
  • Automates and integrates transactions processes with various ERP systems
  • Improvement in quality of transaction processing
  • Significantly Reduces time to complete the the transaction
  • Substantial improvement in the speed and quality of customer service
  • Real time preventive con¬trols while transactions are being performed
  • Prevents erroneous data from being registered in the ERP system
  • Maintenance of a relatively accurate ERP system
  • Helps to effectively mitigate risk and lower costs
  • Eliminates manual interven¬tion in different parts of process cycle
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