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Healthcare Compliance
Azilon Compliance Manager
for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are facing significant regulatory challenges in areas like information security, privacy, reliability, and business integrity. These challenges can require major changes to their current systems and processes. Organizations must react to and plan for the increasing regulation around corporate accountability and control to meet many legal and ethical objectives. Traditional and fragmented approach is both expensive and extremely burdensome.

Azilon recognizes that understanding the law and its intent is complex. An integrated approach that lays suitable emphasis on policies, business processes and IT systems will be required to ensure an optimal, cost-effective solution to compliance. Organizations must meet all of the legal and business requirements and must demonstrate during the course of operations and in doing business. Compliance cannot be achieved through the implementation of a single solution or process; it must be built into every business section of an organization.

Azilon’s Regulatory Compliance solution is customizable to support any specific processes healthcare organizations may follow. The solution addresses common compliance goals, drives down the operational costs of compliance and minimizes the risk of non-compliance. It comprehensively defines and thoroughly documents each step in a proven process to help predictably achieve and maintain compliance. This approach significantly reduces the time, resources and costs associated with compliance, risk management and audit initiatives.

Azilon’s Compliance Manager is comprised of an automated, integrated suite of products designed to capture and manage enterprise-wide regulatory activity including Audit and Risk assessment, Regulatory Filing, Regulatory tracking and other client specific solutions.

  • Increases senior management visibility to risk
  • Increase revenue by driving speed to market
  • Improve operational efficiencies / reduce redundancies
  • Substantially reduces costs of compliance
  • Easily customizable to meet organization specific compliance requirements
  • Conveniently manage all compliance documents from centralized repository
  • Enables analysis of compliance progress through comprehensive audit trials and reports
  • Facilitates constant communications via automatic alerts and email notifications to escalate action based upon critical conditions
  • Ensures accountability by identifying and managing resources tasked with key compliance actions
  • Centralized data promotes data integrity

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