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Analyzer Planner
Analyzer Planner

Azilon’s web-based Analyzer Planner product is an interactive process management solution for assessment, gap analysis and ongoing compliance monitoring. It allows for decentralized audit intelligence gathering and centralized audit value management. The solution is aimed towards creating a fully customized, re-usable compliance solution that helps build a unified audit effort, guiding an organization through their strategic goals and regulatory compliance requirements.

The Analyzer-Planner solution can be customized to fit the structure of any regulated organization and can accommodate multiple concurrent audits that are question/ answer based with nested questions, multiple answer options and complex scoring model. The solution consists of a concise array of elements addressing each regulation or standard in details. The elements address the complexity and inter-linkages of audit standards through inbuilt logic and various conditional and multi-level element arrays.

  • Content Management:
    Acts as a platform to create or import audit elements based on standards, regulations and legislation with nested elements and complex scoring logic without changing the system.

  • Evaluate:
    Facilitates organizations to effectively carry out a gap analysis in their current process against regulatory requirements. The underlying scoring model provides the user the final score based on the answers provided to each of the questions.

  • Reporting:
    User-friendly, intuitive and robust reporting module with drill down capabilities to view the assessment score at audit level to element level. A value-added feature is a base line project plan that is automatically generated from the system.

  • Document Management:
    Built-in document management system with all standard features to allow organization to add internal policies and procedures, contracts, forms and other audit related documents into a standards-referenced document management repository.

  • Administration:
    Allows the system administrator to define the organization structure, create report groups, create end users, assign report privileges and distribute audit content to the end users.

  • Help:
    The system provides comprehensive help feature with linkages to specific and related standards

  • Unifies enforcement of audit process for increase control.
  • Increases visibility on critical issues.
  • Reduces audit redundancies and decreases non-compliance.
  • Reduces audit backlog, audit efforts & timelines.
  • Lower audit costs.
  • Ease of maintenance & communication for changes in standards.
  • Flexible audit content management including scoring logic.


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