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Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditure

Managing budgets and capital expenditures is not a solitary activity. It is an ongoing activity and one of the most highly collaborative tasks many business users participate within an organization. Major expenditures need to go through various levels of approvals in an organization, before it can be approved based on the operational, financial and strategic objectives of the organization.


Azilon’s CER product helps organizations manage the capital expenditure process, facilitating the process of approval and prioritization. It eliminates the constant headache of managing scores of paper requests, manual sending of reminders and inability to cope with the ever-changing forms and spreadsheets. Multiple users can access the product to evaluate the capital expenditure request, or to provide feedback. The product allows for the storage and archiving of all relevant documentation pertaining to the capital expenditure process for future access. The end goal is to responsibly manage the organization’s assets.

  • Web-based request platform
    Enables users to generate a capital expenditure request from anywhere using a web-brower and Internet connection.

  • Document Management
    Support for attaching multiple documents to expenditure requests, including spreadsheets, project plans, forms, architectural documents, etc. Maintains history of all documents with complete audit trail.

  • Workflow
    Provides a dynamic dashboard to define workflow templates based on organization’s current decision making processes for different capital expenditures. Designated business users can cancel or approve requests, or end requests back for rework.
  • Flexible organization structure
    Provides flexibility to customize organizations approval hierarchy.

  • Reporting
    Reporting and tracking capabilities allowing decision makers to have access to the most current expenditure request information.

  • Security
    User and role based security ensures only authorized users manage expenditure requests. Additionally, supports SSL and provides the option to use digital certificates.

  • Automatic email alerts
    Email empowered review and routing processes.


Azilon’s CER product will replace the existing manual, paper based process to a system based automated approval and tracking process.

  • Simple to use
    Web based simple to use product delivered over the Internet. Allows business users to access the product anytime, anywhere.

  • Improve Productivity
    Significantly improves the overall productivity by reducing the time taken by decision makers in reviewing and tracking of capital expenditure. Data validation rules ensure that business users have all the information required to make a decision.

  • Increase operational efficiency
    Increases operational efficiency by facilitating collaboration and electronic routing among geographically dispersed business users. Cycle time reduction for CER approvals allowing purchases to be made sooner.

  • Organize priorities
    Ensures expenditure requests across all business units are consistent with the organization’s priorities.

  • Reporting
    Aids budget forecasting and improved budget control.


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